Voltage and Amperage anomalies

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Voltage and Amperage anomalies

Post by Admin on Fri May 06, 2016 2:34 pm

Voltage and Amperage anomalies on HMI meters. Lamp restrikes due to low power levels. Check jumpers on back of the input cards. In a vertical configuration, 0-5v reference. Needs to be horizontal for a 0-10v reference.

F AMS LED-UV 3X S11, 3XP3,
Komori 6 color

The lamp rated voltage is 1330 and 17.9 amps. The system is running 1500 and 22.1 @ 90% power. Due to the wrong reference the system was only running 750v and 11 amps max. So the lamps were struggling to stay lit.


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